Our Expertise

Our Mission is to Bring the Power of Data Science & AI to Every Business

We are a data science and analytics consulting firm that designs and develops AI-powered solutions to companies who want to leverage big data and machine learning algorithms for business value. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team is at the cutting edge of unlocking business potential through high technology data-driven strategies. 

Our core business involves collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing data for advanced applications like satellite and stratospheric imagery analysis, location-based services, and spatial data mining.

We employ a multi-step approach to our analysis process, starting with the acquisition of high-resolution satellite/stratospheric imagery that undergoes rigorous preprocessing for radiometric and geometric corrections.

Leveraging machine learning algorithms (e.g. Random Forest and Support Vector Machines), we execute feature engineering and model training, which are then rigorously validated and fine-tuned through ensemble methods and sensitivity analysis.

The end result is a fusion of actionable insights and decision-support tools, all presented in a user-friendly dashboard, allowing organizations to make data-driven decisions across diverse industries.

Industries we service:

  • Emergency Management
  • Utilities
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Wildfire Monitoring
  • Storm Tracking
  • Scientific Testing
  • Transportation
  • Hydrospatial
  • Offshore Wind
  • Film Production
  • Rail
  • Oil & Gas
  • Military (ISR)
  • Energy Exploration
  • Communications
  • and more...

We build and implement AI solutions that conduct fast, thorough analysis of extremely complex situations, providing rapid evaluation of all potential pathways to reach optimal outcomes. Our machine learning, computational analysis, and automated analytical model building can help your company discover new growth opportunities and increase revenues faster than ever before. 

Customer lifetime value is seldomly modeled correctly. Our team of experts uses multiple models and back tests against actual historic data for accuracy.

We use a variety of LTV techniques, including:

  • Mixed probability models such as shifted beta-geometric for subscription-based industries (phone, online, loans, memberships, etc.)
  • Machine leaning and AI methods such as neural network models for non-contractual purchases. (i.e., non-subscription customers that purchase with long spans in between their next purchase).
  • Integrating Net Present Value for time horizons past two or more years. 
  • Determining accurate discount factors for Net Present Value. 
  • Accounting for usage, minutes used, storage used and other variable revenue from subscription industry businesses.
  • And more. 

Whether the goal is to lower costs, increase margins, reduce time to market or improve market share, our system analyzes and prescribes the best actions to help businesses make better decisions faster, even in times of great uncertainty.

Most "predicting" when a particular customer will churn is inaccurate at best. But, predicting when specific “cohorts” of customers will churn is very accurate and works in the real business world.

It’s an actuarial approach borrowed from the insurance industry.

We design and develop these models in the lab everyday and have been able to achieve greater accuracy at far less cost than many popular AI/machine learning "black box" models.

Here's how we can predict churn and improve your retention: 

  1. Segment and cohort your customers into statistically meaningful groups.
  2. Overlay demographic data, economic data, behavioral factors.
  3. Repeat step 1 (this if often where the real opportunities are). 
  4. Determine the distribution shape of each segment and cohort.
  5. Determine how to create a one size fits all mixed probability model (only parameter values change but NOT the model).
  6. We will then use this build to predict churn for the past past 3 years at 95% accuracy to actual data. 

Businesses today must quickly collect, analyze, and aggregate their data to stay competitive. We help our clients leverage data and analysis from our models (and from space) to make better decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Our lab provides "insights-as-a-service". We draw actionable business insights out of data oceans based on specific data pipelines designed to achieve your goals.

Our team of data scientists, solution architects, and big data analysts and engineers provide big data development and consulting using the latest AI technologies to help you leverage your data and get the most out of your investment. 

We believe that AI has the power to change everything – including solving our customers’ most important problems. 

Our powerful, patented analytics framework uses advanced evolutionary algorithms and deep learning to produce actionable results from complicated, multivariate problems. Within seconds, millions of variables can be evaluated against multiple goals, options and outcomes, identifying the optimal path to success.

Our engineers custom design, develop, and implement robust, novel AI solutions designed specifically for your business. 

Services include:

  • Business case analysis
  • Proof of Concept
  • Data analysis
  • Business automation solutions
  • Data analytics software implementation
  • Large language model fine-tuning
  • Project estimation and planning
  • Data architecture modernization
  • Cloud migration
  • Model monitoring
  • Model updates
  • Data retraining pipeline
  • Risk management and compliance
  • GPT solutions development
  • NLP software development
  • API integration

Many organizations suffer from incomplete data, dirty data, non-uniform formats, outliers, and disparate data sources/databases.

Our team of experts cab build high level dashboards from the ground up and/or clean up your existing data to simplify your visuals and make them beautiful.

Services include: 

  • Data preparation (all statistical methods) such as numerical imputation, outlier detection, and format conversions
  • API integrations
  • Custom API design
  • Redshift columnar database to house all data in a unified format to allow for rapid queries and report constructions
  • Seasonality overlays
  • Economic overlays (Federal Reserve data, Global econ data). Macro and micro.
  • Data Automation from 100 percent automation to partial automation depending on the requirements
  • Tableau and Domo dashboard software for viewing on PC/Mac or mobile phones
  • Alert systems to detect and report anomalies from trends
  • On-the-fly “what-if” scenarios to change inputs such as revenue or cost to learn impact on business
  • Integrations with company wide or department budgets to view real-time actual vs. budget

Sometimes the best insights come from viewing data as graphs of a practical sophistication.

For example, we can custom build a three dimensional heat map to see how a customer acts with multiple products over time, or we can implement basic demographic overlays to create a visual story on steroids.

Our data visualization services include:

  • Tableau
  • Domo
  • R
  • Statistica
  • Python and its many, many packages
  • C++
  • Excel
  • Cubernetes
  • Air Flow
  • AWS tools (Redshift, etc…)
  • Matlab

We use AI powered marketing solutions to supercharge your customer acquisition, customer segmentation and analysis, content creation and optimization, and user experience.

If you are looking for an innovative and efficient way to improve conversion rates, accurately forecast campaign performance, hedge against risk, and optimally manage the entire marketing budget, let our team of experts optimize your business using big data analytics and AI for accurate customer analysis/insight. 

Services include:

  • Campaign development and management
  • Audience analysis, segmentation and personalized ad targeting
  • Real-time user behavior patterns analysis
  • Predictive analytics and forecasting
  • Automated competitive analysis
  • Marketing metrics tracking and next best action
  • Smart content analysis

Beneficial Results of Data Science in Business

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How We Can Help You

  • AI/ML Strategy Have a project idea and need help implementing it? We're here to consult you and share our knowledge to help you avoid all unnecessary pitfalls.
  • Custom Model Development We can build and train custom models for your business needs, or retrain your existing ones (open-source and proprietary) for better efficiency and scalability.
  • Business Intelligence We can help you analyze and consolidate large volumes of customer data into dynamic dashboards and reports to uniquely position your products and services to spot potential selling opportunities and drive more revenue.
  • Data Visualization Let our experts show you the power of high-quality data. We create data stories and implement robust analytical capabilities to solve your challenges and amplify your decision support at each business stage.
  • Customer Analytics Get the most of your data oceans and make analytical processes faster and more efficient with data engineering and real-time advanced analytics.
  • Data Engineering Since 2020, our data integration consultants have been helping clients across the globe optimize data and translate it into business insights.

We model and prescribe optimal outcomes

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Space Data to solve our customers’ most important problems. Our Intelligent Decisioning system is an AI-driven approach that uses evolutionary computation to rapidly create complex models, solve difficult problems and recommend the optimal path(s) to achieve them. Whether the goal is to lower costs, increase margins, reduce time to market or improve market share, our system analyzes and prescribes the best actions to help businesses make better decisions faster, even in times of great uncertainty.

We are experts in the following fields:

Data Science

We empower businesses to cycle through petabytes of data to transform raw information into actionable knowledge and higher revenues.

Data Analytics

We help businesses improve operational efficiencies and respond quickly to emerging market trends and gain a competitive edge.

Data Technology

We leverage Space Data, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies to help businesses make better decisions.

Digital Strategy

We help businesses set strategies in motion that improve efficiencies, generate growth and enable competitive advantage.

Customer Acquisition

Our integrated digital solutions are customized to empower businesses to deliver game-changing growth.

Business Intelligence

We leverage intelligence technologies to deliver higher value technical solutions for businesses worldwide.

Why Work With Us?

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Years of applied experience in data science, AI consulting and development.

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Implemented projects worldwide with key clients from: USA, UK, Japan, Australia.

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Qualified employees with master's degrees and PhD's in: Applied Math, System Analytics, Computer Science.

If you are looking for a data science consultancy or a reliable technology partner to create innovative, market-leading solutions, we are here to help! 

Industries We Are Transforming

Take a look at examples of our work and learn how our clients from different industries have benefited from our data science consulting services.


Improve your advertising capabilities with AI and advanced customer behavior analytics.


Optimize your processes and improve safety and security through custom AI solutions.


Reduce customer churn and analyze enormous amounts of data to increase efficiencies.


 The entire industry is using AI to make strategic decisions and things are not slowing down. Don’t left behind! Let our data scientists help you!

Logistics/Supply Chain

Enable greater operational efficiency by introducing disruptive logistic solutions that solve your business challenges.

Your Industry

From a different industry? Contact us for data science consulting to learn how our company can add value to your business.

Our Decision Engine

Our powerful, patented Intelligent Decisioning system is an AI-powered analytics framework that uses evolutionary computation to rapidly create complex models, solve difficult problems and recommend the optimal path(s) to achieve them. Within seconds, millions of variables can be evaluated against multiple goals, options and outcomes, identifying the optimal path to success.

Advanced Research

Empowering Companies With AI Technology and Business Intelligence from Space.

Optimal Outcomes

Our research scientists are unlocking the power of machine creativity to advance AI far beyond deep learning to help business leaders make optimal decisions.

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The Decision Engine

Reinvent decision-making and deliver better business outcomes with AI-powered data, from space.

Intelligent Decisioning

Whether the goal is to lower costs, increase margins, reduce time to market or improve market share, our system analyzes and prescribes the best actions to help businesses make better decisions faster, even in times of great uncertainty.

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Predictive Analytics

Tap into the transformational power of space data.

Birds Eye View

Our AI and ML based algorithms can predict future outcomes, show what's happening now, and demonstrate why it happened and what will happen next; empowering business leaders to take the critical actions to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, save time, and increase profits and productivity.

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Make Smarter Decisions Faster

Businesses succeed or fail based on the speed and quality of their decisions. Whether the goal is profitability, revenue, a competitive edge or all of the above, the best decisions are the ones informed by smart data and artificial intelligence. 

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