Actionable Intelligence from Near Space and Beyond

Starlab provides remote sensing and geospatial analytics services to help clients better understand our world through data. 

Remote sensing is the process of detecting, monitoring, and analyzing the physical characteristics of the Earth’s surface from a distance and without physical contact. It enables us to take data from places that are hard to reach physically. The application involves a wide range of technologies from state-of-the-art stratospheric robots to contactless thermometers. Advanced sensors can also be mounted on satellites, balloons, airplanes, or drones. This technology collects information by measuring the energy reflected from various surfaces, which is then processed into digital images or photographs. Modern technological advancements have made powerful sensing instruments a central part of modern-day society, including GPS, aircraft radar, aerial photography, and LiDAR for autonomous vehicles. These technologies have unlocked tremendous potential for analyzing some of today’s most pressing challenges, including understanding the climate, predicting natural disasters, and analyzing the effects of anthropogenic processes.


We offer real-time ISR and in situ Earth observation at scale.  

Our warfighting intelligence services leverage advanced remote sensing analysis to ensure superior situational awareness and strategic superiority in combat zones. We offer high-resolution terrain mapping, persistent aerial surveillance, and precise target acquisition through state-of-the-art technologies such as LiDAR, thermal imaging, and advanced signal intelligence (SIGINT) capabilities. We offer detailed, accurate, and timely intelligence and analysis to enhance strategic planning and operational effectiveness in conflict zones. Our services are designed to provide real-time change detection, post-strike damage assessment, and environmental monitoring to support mission planning under any conditions. 

Our Earth observation services harness the power of cutting-edge remote sensing analysis to deliver crucial terrestrial and environmental insights about our planet. We provide detailed terrain mapping, continuous environmental monitoring, and accurate resource evaluation using our proprietary stratospheric robots and advanced imaging payloads. We offer end-to-end mission design and support, from planning and technology to operations and analysis. Your mission is delivered as a complete system, in near space. Our services are designed to observe and protect our planet, providing stakeholders with the tools needed for informed decision-making and effective environmental stewardship under any conditions.

Warfighting Intelligence

Advanced analysis to ensure superior situational awareness. 


Our warfighting intelligence services leverage advanced remote sensing analysis to ensure superior situational awareness and strategic superiority in combat zones. Here are some of our current and developing capabilities:

  • Strategic ISR We deploy advanced imaging technologies to capture detailed views of strategic locations, enabling precise planning and in-mission decision-making.
  • Real Time Recon We offer near real-time video and imaging services for ongoing operations, providing decision makers with real time data, even in hostile environments.
  • Threat Mapping We create sophisticated 3D maps of potential threats based on historical data and current intelligence, helping to predict and mitigate risks.
  • Mission Planning Leverage the power of geospatial data to support mission planning and execution, including ingress and egress routes, terrain analysis, and logistical support.
  • Simulation & Modeling Our analysts use advanced modelling techniques to simulate various scenarios, helping commanders develop effective strategies and contingency plans.
  • Spaceborne Data We specialize in terrestrial, near-space, and spaceborne data to deliver comprehensive remote sensing analysis across all warfighting domains.
  • Change Detection We monitor key areas over time to detect changes or unusual activities, crucial for anticipating troop movements and/or identifying activity in sensitive regions.
  • Target Acquisition We assist in identifying and tracking high-value targets through sophisticated image analysis and pattern recognition technologies.
  • Damage Assessment Our systems can quickly analyze and assess the impact of military strikes or enemy attacks, providing real time information for immediate response and recovery strategies.

Earth Observation

Cutting-edge analysis delivering crucial terrestrial and environmental insights about our planet.


Our Earth observation services harness the power of cutting-edge remote sensing analysis to deliver crucial terrestrial and environmental insights about our planet. Here are some of our current and developing capabilities:

  • Atmospheric Analysis Our payloads carry sensors to collect data on atmospheric conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and wind patterns at high altitudes.
  • Spectral Analysis We capture data at multiple wavelengths to identify, measure, and monitor various surface and atmospheric features.
  • Thermal Imaging Analysis We analyze thermal imagery to measure surface temperatures and heat fluxes; and to detect thermal anomalies such as volcanic activity and forest fires.
  • Climate Analysis We collect long-term data on thousands of variables to identify, monitor, and measure their effects on climate.
  • 3D Mapping Using overlapping images from multiple angles to create three-dimensional representations of the Earth's surface, we run geological, archaeological, and landscape ecology analyses.
  • Temporal Analysis Comparing images and data collected over time, we can detect changes in the environment, such as urban expansion, deforestation, or ice retreat in polar regions.
  • SAR Analysis We employ Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) analysis to provide precise, all-weather monitoring capabilities, enabling us to detect and measure subtle changes in the Earth's surface with high accuracy.
  • Wildfire/Storm Analysis We provide detection, monitoring, and analysis of natural disasters – even at night or in adverse conditions.
  • Data Integration We integrate data collected from multiple sources such as stratospheric balloons, satellites, ground stations, and other aerial platforms to enhance the analysis and interpretation of the observed phenomena.

Beyond Data Science

How does remote sensing provide insights for better decisions?

Remote sensing is incredibly useful for gathering geographic data about an area of interest to show vulnerable areas, monitoring surface conditions, enhancing mapping, and improving the understanding of hazards and their complex interactions.  By harnessing cutting-edge technologies like stratospheric and satellite imagery, we offer comprehensive insights into environmental changes and potential threats. These capabilities allow for the effective monitoring of ecosystems, assessment of environmental damage, and strategic surveillance of borders and sensitive areas. Our expertise in remote sensing analysis enables rapid, accurate, and cost-effective examination of data, which supports informed decision-making in policy development, disaster prediction and response, and national security strategies. 

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Unmatched Capabilities

With expertise in over 50 disciplines and hundreds of capabilities, tools, and methodologies — we get to the root of even the most difficult problems and give you the clear, unbiased answers you need. 

remote sensing analysis

Earth Observation

Precise, in-situ insights into environmental changes, resource management, and land use.
remote sensing analysis

Warfighting Intelligence

Detailed, accurate, and real-time intelligence to enhance operational effectiveness in conflict zones.
remote sensing analysis

Mining & Forestry

Scientific analysis to help achieve safe, reliable, sustainable production.

Our experienced analysts can support a range of needs with our expert remote sensing services. 

  • Data Capture
  • Image Analysis
  • 3D Modeling
  • GIS Integration
  • Mapping
  • Edge Detection
  • Texture Analysis
  • Spectral Analysis
  • AI Pattern Recognition
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Fusion
  • Multi-temporal Analysis
  • Correlation Studies
  • Accuracy Analysis
  • Scenario Modeling

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Starlab serves the U.S. government and commercial customers with responsive and reliable data analysis, warfighting intelligence, and space systems support. 

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Working with Starlab has been a game-changer for our business. Their data science wizards transformed our raw data into actionable insights that led to a 20% boost in revenue. It was like having a crystal ball for predicting what's going to happen in the future.

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Partnering with Starlab has been a breath of fresh air in the data science industry. Their commitment to ethical AI practices, combined with their exceptional talent, has not only enabled us to scale but also reassured our customers that their data is in safe hands.

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Choosing Starlab was the best decision we made for our AI-driven startup. Their visionary approach to machine learning not only saved us time but also helped us achieve an impressive 95% accuracy rate in our predictions. They're our secret sauce!

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Starlab doesn't just provide data science solutions; they offer a transformative experience. Their innovative algorithms and dedication to excellence have revolutionized the way we operate, making every data point count in our success story.

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